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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.

The attainment gap - a look behind the stats

With looked after children and young people in mind Linda O’Neill reminds us that even excellent programmes need strong implementation. Go to PINS theme: Attainment

Get it right for girls

New guidance on challenging misogynistic attitudes among children and young people. Go to PINS theme: Girls in Focus

5 reasons why children should learn outside

Nature is a powerful resource – and that’s just reason 1. Go to PINS theme: Curriculum

Start a Fairtrade Breakfast Club

With a Traidcraft Breakfast Club you ensure farmers around the world are paid fairly. Go to PINS theme: Health and Wellbeing > Food, health and learning

Scottish Child Minding Association Annual Conference

With an agenda to reflect the importance of changes in the Early Years sector. Go to What’s new: Events and Training > October

Reducing child poverty before and after birth

A new resource for midwives from Child Poverty Action Group identifies some practical steps. Go to PINS theme: Early Years

Talking dyslexia

Listen to the latest of the Dyslexia Scotland podcasts with adults with dyslexia, with rugby international Kenny Logan. Go to PINS theme: Critical Stance

Scotland’s age of criminal responsibility is too low

Scotland is the only country in Europe where an 8-year-old can gain a criminal record.  Go to PINS theme: Critical Stance

How safe are our children?

NSPCC provide an overview of the child protection landscape and collates up to date data. Go to PINS theme: GIRFEC

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