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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.


Help Children’s Parliament’s celebrate their 21st birthday by joining their inspiring and brave band of Unfearties - individuals making a difference in children’s lives and willing to speak up for children. Go to: RESOURCES > Social Justice

IDEAS for Global Citizenship

All our children are global citizens. The programme offers practical funded support to develop global citizenship across the curriculum and across all sectors. STRIDE online magazine is a key resource. Go to: RESOURCES > Schools and Learning

Addressing Dyslexia

The relaunched resource guides users through a child-centred, collaborative process of identification, assessment, support and monitoring. Go to: PINS theme: GIRFEC

Did Scotland have the world’s first kindergarten?

On 1st January 1816 Robert Owen opened his ‘Institute for the Formation of Character’ for the children of mill-workers at New Lanark. Go to: PINS theme: Early Years

Young Carers: review of Research and Data

Caring may adversely affect a young person's education but there is inconsistent evidence on the extent of the impact. Go to: PINS theme: Critical Stance

School leaver destinations

The percentage of young people in positive destinations is increasing – with more entering higher education and fewer training. Go to: PINS theme: 16+

Father-child relationships and children's wellbeing

A new report explores the quality of father-child relationships as perceived by 10-year-old children. Go to: PINS theme: Parents

Tackling sectarianism resources

A variety of resources have been created and delivered to explore the issues surrounding sectarianism. Go to; PINS theme: Curriculum

Scottish Apprenticeship Awards

The Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding apprentices and employers. Deadline for nominations is 28th June. Go to: PINS theme: 16+

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