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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.

PINS survey and programme for the 2016/17 school year

Thank you to all our PINS members and Twitter followers who completed our members survey. You said that our key themes for this coming year are important to you too and that PINS has a key role in informing and connecting you to developments and practice. Our focus then will be on your priorities too – Educational Inequality, Health & Wellbeing, School Inclusion/exclusion, Attainment and Bullying.

Named Person

Following the Supreme Court ruling, Together unpacks the detail and explains what this means. GO TO PINS theme: GIRFEC

Food for Life

Resources provide a whole school/agency approach to enrich learning with children and communities. GO TO Other Resources > Mental and Physical Health

Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan for 2016/17 school year

The plan details who will do what when it comes to guidance and support for CfE including on key areas literacy and numeracy, assessment and qualifications, engaging with parents, the senior phase and employability. GO TO PINS theme: Curriculum

The Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card 2016

This state of the nation report on the physical activity and health of Scottish children and adolescents, evidencing significant challenges. GO TO PINS theme: Health and Wellbeing

Music instruction improves cognitive, socio-emotional development in young children

Neuroscientists evidence the impact of music instruction on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. GO TO PINS theme: Attainment

New project fund for 3rd sector

The themes of the new CYPFEIF fund include promoting parenting and family skills, reducing the attainment gap and improving life chances for looked after children. GO TO PINS theme: Critical Stance

Are boys and girls equally prepared for life?

International data used to explore how girls outperform boys in reading but under-achieve in mathematics – motivation, confidence and self-belief are key. GO TO PINS theme: Girls in Focus

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