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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.

Inclusion: does anyone have a plan?

“I wish there was more commitment to learners and less to slogans - we needed a range of provision to meet a spectrum of need”. In this rousing blog, David Cameron challenges us to reflect upon the purpose of inclusion. Go to What’s new PINS Blog

CYP Improvement Collaborative

The Collaborative supports services and schools to be as good as they can be, based on evidence of what works in improving outcomes and life chances.  It now brings together the Early Years Collaborative (EYC) and the Raising Attainment for All programme. Go To PINS Theme: CYPIC


Young people invited to develop ideas that will help them manage their health, fitness and wellbeing, using technology. Go to PINS theme: Digital Lives

Women Data Scientists in the Making competition for girls

Girls invited to consider how the world will look in 20 years thanks to data and technology. Go to PINS theme: Girls in Focus

The UNCRC in Scotland

A four-part seminar series in which the Convention will be examined starts with a focus on the law. Go To What’s new: Events and Training > February

The Prince's Trust Macquarie Youth Index for 2017

Young people's happiness and wellbeing are at their lowest levels since the study was first commissioned. Go To PINS theme: 16+

Child Poverty annual report

A Child Poverty Bill for Scotland is expected in Parliament this year. This report is on progress made on commitments to tackle the issues. Go To PINS theme: GIRFEC

Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE) Conference

A call is out for papers, workshops and posters for those involved and concerned with access, continuing education and lifelong learning. Go to What’s new: Events and Training > June

Scottish Book Trust resources for teachers and librarians

Resources and tips for everyone interested in promoting reading. Go to PINS theme: Attainment

The Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures

“We want a world where all children and young people have what they need to reach their potential”. Go to PINS theme: Critical Stance

Labour market pathways for targeted groups

Are you focusing on addressing inequality for young people in the labour market? The National Improvement Hub wants practice examples. Go to PINS theme: Curriculum

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