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The Pupil Inclusion Network is Scotland’s largest network supporting the voluntary sector and partners in work with learners who are vulnerable or excluded.

Nurture and attainment

Creating nurturing environments for learners means reaching beyond the school gates.
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Teacher empathy reduces student exclusions

When teachers think empathically, not punitively, they cultivate better relationships.
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Aye Mind is on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people

Aye Mind is about making better use of the internet, social media and mobile technologies.
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Children Harmed by Alcohol Toolkit (C.H.A.T.)

Interactive materials to build resilience and protective factors.
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Children and young people looked after at home

The new issue of REACH focuses on children and young people looked after at home.
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1 in 29 children is bereaved of a sibling

The free primary schools pack helps teachers to introduce the subject of bereavement.
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Prince’s Trust launch new Achieve programme

Achieve is a programme to support young people get back on track, engage and succeed in education.
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Preconception health, education and care should become a Scottish priority

Dr Jonathan Sher has distilled the current evidence on the impact of preconception care.
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14% of 6 year olds are living with a carer who has experienced partner abuse

Abuse is associated with socio-economic disadvantage and being a younger mum.
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John Muir Award links to Attainment

The Trust sees our environment as contributing to Scotland’s attainment challenge.
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WAVE Trust Parenthood and Relationships Education Project

A Toolkit for work with 14-16 year olds.
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