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PINS Theme: Early Years

There is increasing recognition of the importance of the Early Years and of services which address vulnerability and tackle exclusion. This new PINS thematic interest pulls together new developments. Remember: inform PINS about resources and publications that inform your practice.

Workforce review to support early learning and childcare across Scotland

Leading children’s expert Professor Iram Siraj will lead a review of the country’s early years workforce as part of plans to transform early learning and childcare across Scotland. More HERE

Supporting Community Planning Partnerships in maximising income for pregnant women and families with children under the age of 5

One in 5 children in Scotland lives in relative poverty. There is potential that the welfare reforms being introduced by the UK government impact further on child poverty levels across the country. This resource addresses what can be done. More HERE

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Toolkit

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is the leading known preventable cause of permanent learning disability worldwide and is caused by maternal use of alcohol during pregnancy. This Toolkit contains information and tools to help raise awareness of the disorder. More HERE

Too young to fail

A Save the Children report evidences that while progress has been made over the past decade in improving the achievement of the poorest children seven-year-old children from poor families are still consistently more likely to fall behind in critical skills such as reading. More HERE 

Just like a Child

A new Zero Tolerance resource for early years professionals tackles gender stereotyping in the early years and supports professionals and parents to raise children free from outdated or restrictive ideas of what is suitable for boys and girls. Download the pdf HERE

National Play Strategy

Scotland's first national play strategy recognises that as well as being fun, play is integral to a child's development. More HERE

Family stressors and children’s outcomes

The research identifies which family stress factors and parental behaviours are associated with worse outcomes for children at age 7 and which factors help children to succeed. Download PDF HERE

Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity

This Wave Trust report addresses the causes of disadvantage at the earliest and most effective point in life and makes specific recommendations for appropriate identification and support for vulnerable families, with a focus on the antenatal and postnatal periods of care. More HERE

Maternal and Early Years web based resource

The site is for all early years workers in Scotland. There are regular Evidence Updates and a range of topics covered throughout the early years, from pregnancy to 8 years old. More HERE

Early Intervention reports

These PDF reports by MP Graham Allen back up policy and practice developments here in Scotland that see an increased focus on Early Intervention.

Early Intervention: the next steps download HERE

Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings download HERE

Every Day's a Learning Day

The resource consists of two books produced by Education Scotland for parents and carers of children aged between birth and 3 years, and 3 to 6 years. The aim is to help parents support their child’s development in the crucial areas of health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy. More

Early Year practitioners and additional support for learning

This Enquire information leaflet help education practitioners in the early years sector carry out their duties under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004. More HERE

Dads2be Resource

A resource for professionals providing antenatal education and support to fathers. Download the pdf HERE

Fetal alcohol harm and health in pregnancy

Children in Scotland has launched a series of briefings relevant to early years. The first focuses on fetal alcohol harm which is estimated to affect more than 10,000 young people in Scotland. The second on the importance of pre-pregnancy (and early pregnancy) health.

Fetal alcohol harm information HERE

Download Pre-pregnancy information HERE

picPINS Practice Profile: Hazel Whitters, senior pre-5 worker at the Jeely Piece Club nursery, talks about working holistically with children and their families.
Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

Supporting Learning in the Early Years

Education Scotland has funded and now reports on a number fo projects aimed at identifying, capturing and sharing interesting and effective practice in assessment in a  range of pre-school centres. More HERE

Early Years Matters

The latest edition of Education Scotland’s Early Years Matters. More HERE

Pre-birth to three: positive outcomes for Scotland’s children and families

This is the national guidance for all Early Years staff in Scotland. As well as the key document other resources and publications – print and video – are available HERE