Early Years

There is increasing recognition of the importance of the Early Years and of services which provide early intervention to address vulnerability and prevent potential exclusion.

NEW - What shapes seven-year-olds subjective well-being?

A summary of as yet unpublished research from Growing up in Scotland which highlights the value of children’s insight and the effects of parenting and poverty on children's well-being. More HERE

Play this Way

Children’s writer and illustrator Tim Archbold was commissioned to create a book to bring the Play Strategy to life; it’s a fun, colourful and surprising journey through the world of play, available in English and Gaelic. Downlaod the pdf HERE

14% of 6 year olds are living with a carer who has experienced partner abuse

Experiencing partner abuse is associated with socio-economic disadvantage. Younger mothers, aged under 20 at the time of their child's birth experience a particularly high risk of partner abuse. Downlaod the pdf HERE

Latest information on child immunisations and child weight

Uptake rates for child immunisation are high across all deprivation categories but deprivation continues to impact on healthy weight. More HERE

Playing for health's sake

A generation of children and young people report unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Health Play Specialist Julia Wilkinson joins the dots between health, well-being and early years education. More HERE

Play Strategy: Play Out of Hours!

A toolkit for the use of school grounds for playing out of teaching hours. More HERE

Children's development at the start of school in Scotland

These Research Findings shows the main results of analysis on the starting points and progress of children in Scotland in Primary 1 in early maths, early literacy and non-cognitive development and behaviour. In terms of cognitive development children from the least deprived areas had higher scores than children from the most deprived areas by around 14 months of development. More HERE


A new online magazine for professionals working in play and playwork. More HERE

The circumstances and experiences of 3 year old children living in Scotland

This report uses data from the Growing Up in Scotland Study to compare the circumstances and experiences of children aged 3 in Scotland in 2007/08 with those at the same age in 2013 by looking at child health and development and parental health. More HERE

Social Justice Begins with Babies

The annual report of the Putting the Baby IN the Bath Water coalition continues to emphasise that we need to dramatically increase investment in, and improve action during, the first 1,001 days of life (from pre-birth to pre-school). Download the pdf HERE

Enable Scotland Family Support Project

This Perth and Kinross project supports parents who have a learning disability and people who have a learning disability who are expecting a child. More HERE

Building the Ambition

The guidance supports practitioners to focus on the important aspects of developmental stages and what children need at different times from their early years learning experiences, adult interaction and the early learning and childcare environment. Download pdf HERE

The Early Years Collaborative

EYC is a coalition of early years professionals committed to ensuring that every baby, child, mother, father and family in Scotland has access to the best supports available. It's the world's first national multi-agency quality improvement programme. More HERE

PINS Practice Profile

Hazel Whitters, senior pre-5 worker at the Jeely Piece Club nursery, talks about working holistically with children and their families.
Download Portable Document Format (PDF) HERE

Supporting Learning in the Early Years

Education Scotland has funded and now reports on a number fo projects aimed at identifying, capturing and sharing interesting and effective practice in assessment in a  range of pre-school centres. More HERE

Early Years Matters

The latest edition of Education Scotland’s Early Years Matters. More HERE

Pre-birth to three: positive outcomes for Scotland’s children and families

This is the national guidance for all Early Years staff in Scotland. As well as the key document other resources and publications – print and video – are available HERE

Early Years Matters

The latest edition from Education Scotland includes more about progress of the Early Years Collaborative as well as news on practice from across Scotland. More HERE

Tales of bedtime stories

Staff share their different approaches to encouraging bedtime reading. More HERE

National Play Strategy

Scotland's first national play strategy recognises that as well as being fun, play is integral to a child's development. More HERE

Family stressors and children’s outcomes

The research identifies which family stress factors and parental behaviours are associated with worse outcomes for children at age 7 and which factors help children to succeed. Download PDF HERE

Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity

This Wave Trust report addresses the causes of disadvantage at the earliest and most effective point in life and makes specific recommendations for appropriate identification and support for vulnerable families, with a focus on the antenatal and postnatal periods of care. More HERE

Maternal and Early Years web based resource

The site is for all early years workers in Scotland. There are regular Evidence Updates and a range of topics covered throughout the early years, from pregnancy to 8 years old. More HERE

Early Year practitioners and additional support for learning

This Enquire information leaflet help education practitioners in the early years sector carry out their duties under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004. More HERE

If you have examples of practice, innovative approaches, learning and experience to share please get in touch by emailing info@pinscotland.org