Education Governance Review

This Review took place in 2016/2017

Education Governance Review ‘Next Steps’

The Education Governance Review ended in January and now the Scottish Government has published Next Steps - Empowering Our Teachers, Parents and Communities to Deliver Excellence and Equity for Our Children.The proposals are about reform to Scottish education, to drive improvement and to enable our education system to realise our ambition of excellence and equity for all. Some actions will begin in the coming months, others will require new legislation. More HERE

A reminder: About the Education Governance Review so far

The Education Governance Review consultation ended on 6 January with over 1000 responses received. The Education Governance Review is about how education is run in Scotland. The starting point for the Scottish Government is we have a good education system, with good nurseries and schools and good early years practitioners and teachers. But it’s also true that Scottish education does not deliver the same outcomes for all children, particularly children from the poorest backgrounds. The Review is concerned with how Scottish education can deliver excellence and equity –meaning to raise standards in education for all children and young people and to close the educational attainment gap. The responses to the first phase of the Review are available HERE